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Vol 11 No 1 (2021): January to March 2021

Published: 2021-03-19

Association between weight loss and reduced use of antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, psychotropic, and lipid-lowering drugs in patients undergoing bariatric surgery

Mariana Mendes Pereira Gonçalves, Frederico Daldegan, Gabriel Correia Iannuzzi, Marcelo Mendonça Rodrigues, Seleno Glauber de Jesus-Silva


Drug-related female autointoxication registered at a toxicology care center

Maria Beatriz de Sousa, Renata Sano Lini, Magda Lúcia Félix de Oliveira, Simone Aparecida Galerani Mossini


Predictors associated with and the prevalence of condylomata acuminata infection among people in Southern Brazil

Leyde Daiane de Peder, Claudinei Mesquita da Silva , Heloise Skiavine Madeira, Josi Any Malizan, Bruna Larissa Nascimento, Josana Dranka Horvath, Eraldo Schunk Silva, Jorge Juarez Vieira Teixeira


Epidemiological factors associated with Candida albicans in patients using complete denture: a scoping review

François Isnaldo Dias Caldeira, Jéssica de Andrade Moreno, Kellen Cristina da Silva Gasque, Marcela Filié Haddad


Speech therapy strategies to promote the vocal health of teachers: integrative literature review

Rayane Medeiros dos Santos, Mylena dos Santos Cavalcante, Vanessa Fernandes de Almeida Porto, Edna Pereira Gomes de Morais


Occurrence of tinnitus and peripheral sensory neuropathy in women during chemotherapy treatment of breast cancer

Simone Yuriko Kameo, Ricardo Barbosa-Lima, Josilene Luciene Duarte, Bruno Ferreira Amorim, Glebson Moura Silva, Pabliane Matias Lordelo Marinho, Namie Okino Sawada


Animal models for inducing inflammatory bowel diseases: integrative review

Nadja Maria da Costa Melo, Marília Virgo Silva Almeida, Daniel Melo de Oliveira Campos, Claudio Bruno Silva de Oliveira, Jonas Ivan Nobre Oliveira


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